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Perfect startup profile for TechSeed

Build Tech, Get Seed

How do we think?

For start, we’ve worked through the puzzles of detailed strategy building in TechSeed. It’s about fitting - to the sourcing markets’ (UK, Germany, Nordics) needs and taking advantage of Poland’s unique value proposition. We bear in mind the strengths of our local ecosystem and what it may offer you and your team, we also heavily bet on speed and simplicity of the process. Believe us, there are no coincidences in the requirements below.

Who are we looking for?

TechSeed looks for seed stage projects with global potential. Our focus is on ICT B2B/B2B2C projects, which can range from AI, blockchain, IoT, Big Data to SaaS solutions. More specifically TechSeed aims at Enterprise Cloud Software with a focus on specific Vertical Markets.

To fully capitalize on the programme you should be a second-time founder, with a well thought out pitch

The team already consists of 2-4 members. During the time of acceleration and implementation process the team will be available in Poland. However there’s no need for long-term relocation.

You’re an industry expert with understanding of international markets.

We will ask you about the market need validation as well as potential clients network.

Who are we looking for?

The conditions set above will help us to provide you with a tailor-made and swift acceleration.

Thanks to VC partners engaged from day one the raising of a seed round shouldn’t be very time consuming. In other words we link you with potential investors in a timely fashion.

To sum up, we prefer to set clear and ambitious criteria, because we want to make the next rounds of funding as realistic as possible.

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